STYMulator is an Open Source (GPL License) player which plays music files in the YM chiptune format. In particular the YM files are Yamaha YM2149 soundchip music datas (registers) dumped from the ATARI 16-bit computers.

The YM chiptune 'standard' has been introduced in the middle of 90's by Arnaud Carré aka Leonard/OXG. His sensational ST-Sound player has been Screenshotreleased for Windows only. Ten years after the first ST-Sound creation he released ST-Sound library under GPL license. Now is the time for the free Linux kernel based operating system :-)

STYMulator has a very simple terminal GUI. It has been written in pure ANSI C code with ncurses library. Sounds are generated thanks to ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) - the most powerful and innovative sound library for Linux operating system nowadays.

In order to play YM chiptunes you need an GNU/Linux OS eg. Fedora Core, RedHat Enterprise Linux with gcc/g++ (GNU C/C++ compiler) and (g)make (GNU Make tool). The two libraries mentioned before are also required.

STYMulator has been fully compatibile with 64-bit GNU/Linux architecture (confirmed on RHEL4 ES U4 x86_64) since v0.21.
Thomas Huth, author of Hatari has reported that my ymplayer works on Linux/PPC, too ! Thanks Thomas !

PaCidemo area has the biggest collection of YM tunes.

Download the STYMulator v0.21a source code STYMulator-0.21a.tar.gz (2007-03-15), RPM packages: STYMulator-0.21a-1.i386.rpm (built on FC5 x86) and STYMulator-0.21a-1.x86_64.rpm (built on RHELU4 x86_64).

My public GPG key must be used to verify the STYMulator RPM packages ! You may want to import this key. This can be done by: rpm --import

The key fingerprint is: CE87 B835 2D62 A983 40D1 084C 962F 3034 38C0 FC11

Idea & code by Grzegorz Tomasz Stańczyk aka grzeniu (remove three X from my e-mail)

2k5-7, Bydgoszcz/POLAND