Thank you very much for answers!

But, ehh.... people doesn't want to send it in other country, only locally in Poland. :( But I will try this auction time to time. Thanks, dear Atarians!!!

Sorry, I'm from Russia, will try to write in English.

Maybe someone can help somehow to purchase or just sale us a good working Atari 130XE / LDW 2000 disk drive / XC12 cassette data recorder or even two Ataris (my friend is interested and had an Atari 65XE many years ago)?

We can pay with PayPal, Western Union or whatever we can/you'd like. Thanks for any help, we believe that can pay enough money to make you happy :) Nostalgia is the evil thing. If you can help or have an nice Atari 130XE with that config or even two, please write at 64kbytes +