Temat: Nowa gra na Falcona :)

"I have just released a Falcon030-version of the well known platform game l'Abbaye des Morts ("The Abbey of the Dead").

More information: https://atari.joska.no/abbayedesmorts/

Original soundtrack by Skuggemannen/Dry Bone Records. Hook your Falcon up to a decent stereo when playing this game.

Gameplay is slightly extended compared to the original version. You will be given some subtle and some not so subtle hints while playing, so pay attention. If you don't you will not be able to complete this game.

Silly Venture - breaking the ATARI scene since 2000 ! :)


Odp: Nowa gra na Falcona :)

Dzięki za informację jak tylko znajdę chwilkę to przetestuję.

800XL Side2,u1mb, Sdrive Max;STe;MST1;MSTe,uSatan,Netusbee;MSTe;Falcon14MB;