Temat: #FujiNet: Adding Stream mode command - Need help on Atari side.

I am currently working on a set of commands to put the FujiNet into a UDP streaming mode, so that programs and games that need to constantly send and receive data without waiting for the SIO routines can work.

But I need some help on the Atari side:

So basically, when it goes into stream mode, it takes over the entire SIO bus, and an input routine would need to be provided to read the data from the fujinet.

Of course, we have the PROCEED line to tell us when new data comes across.

Does somebody want to put together a set of asm routines that:

(1) Initializes the pokey to the appropriate baud rate (divisor), and installs:
(2) a VPRCED interrupt routine to know when something is ready for receipt
(3) a SERIN interrupt routine to grab the resulting data
(4) a shutdown routine that puts everything back

while I work on the firmware side of things?


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