Temat: X65 (Poland 65816 computer)

Hello friends.

There is new 65816 computer from Poland inspired by Atari800 graphics (also Commodore Plus4 modes).

Here is website:





CPU: WDC 65C816, ~6MHz
Video: CGIA, DVI-D
Sound: Yamaha SD-1 YMF825, Mono, 2xRCA
Input/Output:RP816-RIA: USB mass storage, HID, UARTESP32-C3: Wi-Fi, BT, GPIO
Ports:6x USB port + 2x internal
2x DE-9 Joystick port (SEGA wiring)

CGTIA gpu:


Can be interesting for our community too. For porting games etc. Or connect to Atari use it as gpu, soundcard etc...

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7x130XE + 3xAtari Falcon030 + 1xTT03 + 2xST-ATX


Odp: X65 (Poland 65816 computer)

Holy Inquisition knows your address, expect visitors

*- TeBe/Madteam
3x Atari 130XE, SDX, CPU 65816, 2x VBXE, 2x IDE Plus rev. C


Odp: X65 (Poland 65816 computer)

tebe napisał/a:

Holy Inquisition knows your address, expect visitors

All: Thank You for huge support on discord.

Tebe: MadPascal will be used as main language. Also author of Neo6502 firmware & NeoBasic will look at it. So GFA like NeoBasic will be possible.

I think it is in Jay Glenn Miner spirit (A800 & Amiga father). Also Atari used Yamaha YM2151 FM so OPL will be fine. I think its kosher project. Not so powerful as Rapidus, not so powerful as VBXE, not so
universal with uext/gpio as Olimex Neo6502 not complex as Commander X16. But some games can be ported also interesting for demoscene, vgm music players etc... Ponq like will be cool! And its "Made in Poland" "Made in Europe".

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7x130XE + 3xAtari Falcon030 + 1xTT03 + 2xST-ATX