Odp: Problem z Ultimate 1MB na 800XL

Using Candle's suggested signal locations and mounting the board in the sensible place (i.e. directly above the OS ROM socket) ensures that wires are as short as they can possibly be on the XL. Attaching wires direct to IC legs may work in the majority of situations, but clearly it didn't in this case (which should on its own give pause to the distributor), and when the CPU is socketed anyway (as it commonly is on an XL), wires soldered to the legs looks particularly nasty. smile

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Odp: Problem z Ultimate 1MB na 800XL

most of circuitry inside atari doesn't use phi2 signal directly from cpu - it has whimpy output, and cannot drive too many gates, instead, buffered output is used
if you put any load on this pin, you make a timing skew, propagated and prolonged by the buffer, making reads and writes hit and miss situation rather than stable
then one's reads on various forums to replace ls08 with f08 etc - funny thing - 30+ years it worked without any fuss, and now it's time to replace it and with what - with technology even older
this is not problem solving - this is problem pushing futher

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Odp: Problem z Ultimate 1MB na 800XL

Yes: and that exact solution (f08) was tried in this case and didn't work.

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Odp: Problem z Ultimate 1MB na 800XL

Hmm, zasadzałem ostatnio Ultimate w  2 sztukach 800XL , w/g Lotharka instrukcji. W obu w pełni sprawnych 800XL ,  działy sie cuda. Spędziłem dwa wieczory potem odpuściłem i   przełozyłem Ultimate  do 130 XE i na szczęscie działa.  Lotharek mi radził kable skracać, kondensatory wymieniać...

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