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Version 1.2
Acid800: ANTIC DLI timing test now checks for instruction timing after a DLI is delayed by STA WSYNC.
Acid800: Fixed some incorrect error messages in the ANTIC P/M graphics DMA test. The tests themselves were OK, but the specific error test was wrong.
Acid800: Added CPU: Illegal insn timing test.
Acid800: 65C816 test can now be run on Veronica, if enabled in Options.
Acid800: Fixed a couple of broken 65C816 indirect addressing tests and also added a check for the WDM instruction and stack page crossing tests.
Acid800: POKEY init timing test now checks for 1 bits being shifted out when exiting init mode.
Acid800: Expanded timer timing test to check cycle deadlines around writes to AUDF1-4 and STIMER, as well as two-tone mode resync timing.
Acid800: Fixed an issue with PIA test not clearing stray interrupts.
AcidOS: Added more FASC tests.
AcidOS: Added EXP/LOG tests.
AcidOS: Added math pack ZP usage checks.
AcidOS: Removed all usage of .fl directive to work around MADS bugs.
AcidOS: Added CIO permission tests.

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Odp: Acid800 v1.2


błąd MADS-a dotyczący '.FL 0' został wyeliminowany, Phareon to zgłaszał

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