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Hello friends.

There is nice Raspberry PiPico (RP2040) project emulation of Atari XEP graphics card.

https://github.com/maaakit/PicoDVI/tree … /xep80/doc


https://forums.atariage.com/topic/35045 … y-pi-pico/



More XEP stuff:

It is not so powerful and fast as VBXE but can do 640x200.
Chip in original XEP80 was NS405(can do even 640x400 and colors but Atari dont used full features probably of IC cost).

This Pico version is like 20euro cost. VBXE will be always best for demos/games/apps but can be alternative for coders, working in DOS, text editors, text games, it can do 640x200 2 colors graphics too. Possible RPI Pico firmware upgrade in future to higher resolutions (640x480 or 800x600 and colors). For someone also plus/good will be no need internal installation as You just plug into joy port 2. So You keep Atari in collection as it is. Or use it with FujiNet as terminal. Or game will use second display for map and items and text while on original Atari will be sprites for example game as Zelda or Monkey Island. Or music tracker pattern editor on XEP80 and instrument editor on original or disk i/o or tracklist etc. There is lot of future possibilities.

Just little news :).

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7x130XE + 3xAtari Falcon030 + 1xTT03 + 2xST-ATX


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cool project, I would buy one.

I wonder whether would be possible to use something better available and cheaper than Rpi

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Odp: PicoXEP

Pi Pico is pretty easily available. And pretty cheap.

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