Temat: Help required for translating atariki content to English


I'm preparing a wiki about Atari sutff and could be more insterested if having quite interesting content about Atari before going public. I see atariki is full of interesting stuff about Atari and would like to having it in English.

I ask for volunteers translating atariki to my wiki, I can give them access to my internal wiki so they translate to English the content of it.

This wiki will eventually become part of AtariAge if the owner (Albert) agrees. If not, I will find another hosting out there.

I did talk with atariki admins and they agree about this, so I'm posting here the request.

Please contact me if you are interested. If someone want to access the forums and collabore, give me an username and I will send you by private message the address and a temporary password.

HERE is the post in English with my message and the reply of Albert.
HERE is a forum post on atari-forum.com


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