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Poprosim 2szt (Slovakia)

Any new versions? Any EnoTracker news???


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Kolko moze mat 1 particia???


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A kde moze kupit taky adapter Pinokio???


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I have created AtariPixelart server on Discord chat...
There will be: general chat, showcase, wip and tutorials channels.
Every month will be logo contest...


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There is floppy emulator using RaspberryPI.
http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/vie … amp;t=7230

What about using it for:
- usb flash
- printer
- ethernet/wifi

And many more.Simply as universal docking station.Same as CosmosEX on ST???


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Yogi has made YMARI 2 XEL M-PBI version!
More here:
http://atariage.com/forums/topic/267000 … ?p=3797047

Moze zaslac do Slowacije???
A gumene klobuky do klavesnice pan nema?


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I wrote to author of epic OPL3 DOS tracker - ADLIBTRACKER2

A2M/A2T - file formats describtion:

http://www.adlibtracker.net/files/at2_s … 6-2017.zip

When  professor XXL or HEAVEN or other scene engineer will do OPL3 A2M/A2T module player for YMari.
I will donate Him/Her with real YM262 OPL3 SB16 like card (ISA or PCI) plus 1x YMari cartridge for testing stuff
in His/Her demoscene laboratory...


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Mozete urobit video z TMC/MPT trackera a RMT trackera ako hraje POKEY???


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YOGI is working on m-PBI version of YMari opl3 soundcard for 1088XEL!


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What is your current setup?
Mine A130XE, Ultimate 1M, RasterSTEREO, RasterSDrive.
And 1x ST mouse, 1x competition pro joystick.
But I try to learn VBXE graph2font also I play with Altirra...

But I want to have VBXE and RAPIDUS in future...
And will do YMari...


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Re-pasting LGB/C64 opl2 player author:


Nothing mystical about my *extremely* stupid player too much, and the source code is open since years, so no problem at all to grab it smile You can find it here:


The only issue can be, that since it's GPL, if you use it, or part of it, your work must be open source + GPL too, etc, but IANAL ;-P

Well, it sounds an interesting project (yours), but I am not so much a great help here, since I've never even used Atari (unfortunately, but I would love to have one) - but if you speak about 8 bit Atari computers, the CPU is still 65xx class, so maybe some other differences on the hardware should be learnt (Ehmm, I am over-optimistic enough here?). There are several minor points with my "player":

* in its core, it's really two STAs smile selecting the register number, and write it .... all the other part is the DRO file format "reader", which is simple enough, since it's basically a register dump like file format (of DOSBOX). Thus it's very easy to write a player like this, it's more a challenge if some wants to play a "decent" tracker like format ...
* this source is OLD, AFAIK does not even compile with modern ca65 as it should be (as it would create its own BASIC SYS stub for C64, some modification is needed)
* it cannot "load" anything, the DRO is INCBIN'ed ....
* really, this is good for demonstration only, eg, a DRO file format is also not so nice, as very large file sizes, etc etc
* I've already started a project for C64 (with the same hardware) to be able to play S3Ms instead, well, at least ones with "AdLib instruments" only. that is the mentioned "tracker like format" player, which is probably more close to have a sane player than this DRO thinggy ... Surely, other formats can be found as a good candidate for playing on OPL2/OPL3 not only "S3M with AdLib instruments only".

Some technical background: back in the time when I wrote that, I only read the "Adlib programming FAQ for PCs". There is 388h and 389h (if I remember correctly) ports for selecing OPL2 register, and read/write that register. Other than that there is a timing constraint to wait some time before write/read again. Also, the layout of the actual internal registers of the OPL chip. Then I thought, if SFX Sound Expander cartridge has some kind of similar chip, these theories can be used without _any_ change _but_ the I/O port of course (which is PC notion). And indeed, that seems to work, as expected. So it's just that ...

Sorry for the long mail, maybe too much information already smile But if you have question just ask ... I can't tell I have too much time recently for coding as well, but at least for writing insane mails, well, it seems I do ;-D

One additional note: I have the yet unfinished work to play S3M "with AdLib instruments only" on C64 + SFX expander cartridge. That code would be able to play S3M directly (ie, on-the fly "interpretation" of the so called "packed pattern format" since ScreamTracker for real decompresses it first, but it uses way too much memory in that way for my taste). However since it's not ready yet to do _anything_ it is not released yet. Also I find myself a bit dumb for implementing stuffs like "commands" in the patterns, but we will see ...


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One my friend is developing QuadPokey (16ch) interface also OctaPokey (32ch) interface...
Why? You can use 1 pokey as 1 ch too. To have new sound!!! Or more ch. for reverb, echos like fx.
He will write on AtariAge after tests...
On Deflemask 6people voted. Voting has bug sometimes shows results sometimes not.


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AMIGA - no thanks!
I have 4MB STE. So I dont need Amiga. Also I have PowerPC MAC 2xG5/8gb ram/256MB GPU/1TB HDD with MorphOS. So I dont really need any AMIGA at home. Maybe A500+Vampire+EmuTOS to have 100MHz ST.
MIKER - welcome!
Miker you are in! I know that you can do POKEY miracles!!! Anyone else?
Little inspiration 65c816 Apple2GS demo (I dont say its perfect but this is how VBXE+Rapidus demos will looks like):


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I will do 2x RMT and put them together in Audacity. Anyways there was quad pokey TMC2 version. See MadTeam website.


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I am sleepy too. Nighty night. I wrote too much. And to the c64 author too to provide us sourcecode. Will see... Miker I can do only Turbo Pascal on DOS! ASM is like extraterresterial talk to me...


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Here is nice c64 source:
http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/4955/ … ing-opl-2/

Here is that OPL2 adlib player for C64 SFX expander...

https://github.com/lgblgblgb/c64-sfx-ca … layer/wiki



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What about "Team VBXE"???
VBXE+Rapidus+Ultimate1M+2xPokey+(YMari???) demogroup?
To support VBXE+65c816 and motivate people to buy it.
YMari too - when there will be OPL3 module player (music made in DOS Adlibtracker2 and
play on Atari+YMari)...

Using full VBXE resolutions / colors... And POKEY for music or sound effects.
YMari for music or sound effects.

So demos will be more colorful, more like on STE/AMIGA/MSX2.

I can do:
Pixelart in GRAFX2 (->graph2font,ataristudio)
Music in RMTtracker+Adlibtracker2

Some demos,intros,musicdisks,games...


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Or here are CZECH cases:


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From my AtariAge conversation:

Hello Michael.
Can you write to Lotharek. Maybe He can produce 1088XEL+VBXE boards. He is doing Rapidus, VBXE, Ultimate 1M, MIST FPGA...
So why not 1088XEL. Maybe just for EU. Best will be to have more manufacturers (US+EU). Price (Postage+Service) will be cheaper for users. Also such strategy was on PC. And was sucessful... One platform more manufacturers...


Hi Matej,

Not a bad idea. Keep in mind when this project is released anyone can build or produce it, and don't require permission from me to do so. So if you wish to talk to Lotharek yourself about what you are proposing, please proceed.


BTW guys you have in POLAND superb mini-itx case manufacturer:

I wrote year ago to DELEK author of one of best chipmusic tracker software called DEFLEMASK.
I wrote to Him to include 2x pokey or 4x pokey... He answered me that He adds new soundchip on
requests on His forum.
So please all musicians support requests/petition here:

http://www.deflemask.com/forum/general/ … t/new/#new


Youtube (PC-Engine):

Supported soundchips so far:
YAMAHA YM2612 (with full support of Special CH3 mode)
Texas Instruments SN76489 PSG
Z80 Game Boy
Hudson Soft HuC6280
Ricoh 2A03
MOS Technology SID

I miss 2xPOKEY or 4x POKEY and OPL3...


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We need ADLIBTRACKER2 player (adlibtracker.net). Adlibtracker2 is best OPL3 tracker ever made. Its for MSDOS/FreeDOS/Win32/Linux... Its free. So we need player for A2T and A2M. I will produce few YMari for myself. When here is good ATARI coder who has grow up on MSDOS too. And can code for SB16 little bit. And can make such player I will give Him/Her one YMari for testing player...

New revision of PCB:

http://atariage.com/forums/topic/267000 … ?p=3790997

ON C64 they can play OPL2 tunes from dos using SFX expansion module for C64...
So can be done!


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A kolko bude cena/kostovat?


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Bude 2xpokey+SID+AY+Covox tracker pre ATARI???