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Now it runs Apple2 games using real 6502 and bulgarian Pravetz Rom, graphics, sound, i/o emulated on rp2040:




Oric Atmos Emulation:


Eshop 30Euro beta version for developers:
https://www.olimex.com/Products/Retro-C … e-hardware

(No uext/gpio etc)


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In few days there will be production version.

Some news:

Graphics test demo:

My idea is to have 30euro turbocard + 10euro cpu adapter for XE/XL also plus rp2040
for FPU(emulated something as 68882 or amd, weitek) for example or as 320x200x16 from 512, 640x200x4, 640x400x2 graphics card for example or bios firmware...
Somthing similar idea to PiStorm on Amiga but real cpu.


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Why RP2040 is powerfull:
133 MHz dual ARM Cortex-M0+ cores (can be overclocked to over 400 MHz[9])Each core has an integer divider peripheral, and two interpolators.264 KB SRAM

So it can emulate some Atari chips like Pokey.
And with 8mhz (to 14mhz) 6502 cpu, 320x240x 256colors will be fun.
Price will be good like 50euro.
And via some conversion board can be used as usb, second cpu, gfx, audio, flash eeprom board...


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So Olimex has made first prototype.

The board size is only 80×55 mm but do not be fooled this is complete 6502 computer with:
- wdc w65c02 14mhz!!! cpu
- HDMI output
- USB host for keyboard
- Audio output on 3.5mm jack
- Small speaker
- UEXT connector with +3.3V, GND, I2C, SPI, UART6502 BUS 40 pin connector with all 6502 signals on it!
- RP2040 with 2MB Flash to handle all software defined peripherals and RAM


Here is blog:
https://olimex.wordpress.com/2023/06/23 … -for-test/

Facebook Group:

If You are 6502 or RP2040 coder You can help with development and get board sooner.

I can imagine play some Atari game conversions on it. Or plug it into cartridge port and use it as turbocard / gpu...


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Hello friends.

There is nice Raspberry PiPico (RP2040) project emulation of Atari XEP graphics card.

https://github.com/maaakit/PicoDVI/tree … /xep80/doc


https://forums.atariage.com/topic/35045 … y-pi-pico/



More XEP stuff:

It is not so powerful and fast as VBXE but can do 640x200.
Chip in original XEP80 was NS405(can do even 640x400 and colors but Atari dont used full features probably of IC cost).

This Pico version is like 20euro cost. VBXE will be always best for demos/games/apps but can be alternative for coders, working in DOS, text editors, text games, it can do 640x200 2 colors graphics too. Possible RPI Pico firmware upgrade in future to higher resolutions (640x480 or 800x600 and colors). For someone also plus/good will be no need internal installation as You just plug into joy port 2. So You keep Atari in collection as it is. Or use it with FujiNet as terminal. Or game will use second display for map and items and text while on original Atari will be sprites for example game as Zelda or Monkey Island. Or music tracker pattern editor on XEP80 and instrument editor on original or disk i/o or tracklist etc. There is lot of future possibilities.

Just little news :).


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@all - will create ASMA like archive but with opl3 fm (rad) on my atari.fun site. Will write soon more. AFMMA - ATARI FM MUSIC ARCHIVE


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@Mono can You please add joystick fire as play/stop button. Everytime I press fire will play from start. Want record to pc and joystick fire will be good as joystick have long cable and you work on PC in software during recording. Thank You!


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I know but after Brexit guys from Exxos dont want send me TF536 ST version. Lot of paperwork and taxes.
Who is producing them in Poland? Or any scener who will go from UK to Poland during holidays?
Want try it with ST Atx.


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Up was discussion about 040 or 060.

There is still in production Tekmos TK68020 cpu it is 68020 compatible 33mhz, build in fpu support also extra features (bigger ram support also virtual memory, cache, ).

https://www.tekmos.com/products/micropr … oprocessor

https://www.tekmos.com/docmandocuments/ … oprocessor

This can be very cheap alternative too for Atari ST / EmuTOS computer. With 16mb ram and fpu and 33mhz can be good alternative for future too. There is Amiga 500 turbocard.

But also 040 can be interesting (lower price than 060) MAC spare parts...


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tOri napisał/a:


Zobaczę co się da zrobić - króciutka lista dla chętnych...

Zamawiam płytki do NOMari i będą dostępne 3 sztuki z montażem "nie wiem kiedy, ale starał się będę w miarę normalnie"

pablozp x1
Montezuma x1

Z powyższego proszę o potwierdzenie czy bierzecie :)

Czyli zostałaby jeszcze jedna sztuka dla chętnego.


Matej - > PM reply sent

Please send me email (in PM) will send money I take 1xSAA can be in summer too.
I send few replies but was on mobile internet last one have email.


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Nice! Like SID tunes.
T0ri wrote You DM. Want buy SAA1099 cart.


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Hello Xangel (Daniel) will write You email also ask friends Atari musicians from Atariage, Chipmusic.org and Discord. Will write email tomorrow.


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It is standalone. Like RaspberryPI but will have bus (uext) so will be possible to connect it to Atari for example. Or smart home etc. My idea is to use it as cheap turbocard(16mhz 6502, 256kb ram, 2mb flash for firmware/os, or graphics card 640 x 480 x lot of colors(depends on video ram)).
So like 30euro + 10euro cartridge adapter or so.
Graphics card can be good for text/coding apps or maps inside game or hires pixelart. There can be game using Atari 160x200x4 or more colors and on 640 x 480 will be for example map and items (mmo or adventure or zelda like game or dune2 like game). Or so.
It can be interesting. It will stay 8bit 6502. It will stay as upgrade.

But is standalone computer. So maybe Atari remakes on it too can be possible. He sold 1000 Z80 AgonLight2. So lot of peolple.


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Bulgarian Olimex manufacturer of ARM singleboard computers similar to RaspberryPi also AgonLight2 Z80 hobby computer is developing 30Euro 6502 computer called NEO6502.
He want use RP2040 for graphics, sound and i/o key/mouse and disk.

Here is blog:
https://olimex.wordpress.com/2023/04/21 … r-project/

Here is how AgonLight2(z80) looks like:


Some specs:
- real 6502 processor.
- 264kb RAM on RP2040.
- W65C02 from WDC can be overclocked up to 16Mhz also slow mode 1-2mhz
- DVI/HDMI so that you can connect it to your home TV or modern monitor.
- support for a modern USB keyboard
- PSG sound synthesizer like the popular C64 SID
- the power supply should be via a USB-C
- UEXT connector with modern interfaces like UART, I2C, SPI.
- disk storage for code.
- the 6502 bus should be available on a slot/connector(cartridge) so that additional hardware can be easily added on
- 2MB of external SPI flash to hold the firmware (firmware/OS/BASIC)

Maybe we can suggest/modding RP2040 firmware:
- use pokey instead of SID (or external UEXT card)
- use ANTIC/GTIA or VBXE type of emulation (or external UEXT)
- somehow port Altirra or ATARI OS/BASIC to boot from flash
- 2x ATARI joystick
To have 14mhz 30Euro hybrid ATARI/NEO6502
Or we can just port games from ATARI 800.
Or connect it to cartridge port use as turbocard/graphics card.


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Also will make RADcompo (ATARI XL/XE FM or also PC MS-DOS/WINDOWS RAD tracker) every summer and winter.
And support on Forever, Silly Venture etc. As on MSX have YM + FM compos.
Maybe in future will find another original original and cheap opl3+yac dacs so maybe another after late summer autumn winter or so and AngelX or TORI or both will help with carts.
If guys from GMG will not want want give one for free to musician/code best will be musician that code. To make for example
POKEY+FM (rmt+rad) player or game sound engine (Pokey for FX + FM for tune) even maybe native PokeyFM tracker in far future.
Or some intro/demo using FM.


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Sending mine 1x to Vinscool (rmt musician also coder - new RMT versions) also to GMG team authors of 3D FPS https://atari8.dev/final_assault/ when GMG will not want 1x will be ready to send to Polish musician/coder. Will write next weekend!


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Byte Attic made in past made 6502 adapter

There is new opensource 8bit RaspberryPI like SBC computer based on real fast eZ80 (128kb flash, 8kb sram), 20MHz, 512kb Ram and powerful GPU (32bit risc mcu) - 640 x 480 / 64 colors and sprites, scrolling. And BBC basic + build in dos. And there is expansion slot too Gpio and Uext. And use cheap ps/2 mechanical keyboard. There is also CP/M ported to it.
Price is 50usd/euro simple version(AgonLight2) and 100usd/euro for first version.

Here is homepage:


European Manufacturer(50euro version):
https://www.olimex.com/Products/Retro-C … e-hardware

PCBway 100euro version:
https://www.pcbway.com/project/gifts_de … ffaa8.html



Its nice for BASIC games experiments. Maybe there will be 65c816 version too!

Pancio can I buy full MidiCar? Fully assembled?

Wrote reply please check links. It have everything Scart, PSU also SDDrive only You need Atari Joystick adapter (15euro) as original Thomson non standard joysticks are not good as Quickjoy or Quickshot etc.

Will check today email and reply!


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Author of F256jr board She can do FPGA very well also Electron. Can be older core not new to not collide with manufacturers.

Please write me kontaktmatej @ gmail . com


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Hello friends.
There is new 190euro 65c02/65c816 system by Foenix.
Maybe good for port some games. Also maybe instead of Vicky graphics chip (FPGA) we can adapt VBXEcore and instead Texas Instruments SN PSG in FPGA have Pokey too - so it will be Atari/F256jr hybrid. And in Flash modded AltirraBasic/Atari ROM. So porting games software will be more easily. I know there is Eclaire FPGA. But this is nice too(real cpu). Just my idea. Original F256jr looks good too.


Nice will reply PM tomorrow.