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Maybe using Freescale / NXP old new stock is better solution.
Or RaspberryPI system-on-module and Emu68...


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There is still in production Tekmos 68020:
https://www.tekmos.com/products/micropr … oprocessor

Rochester Electronics 68020:
https://www.rocelec.com/global-search/M … 0MC68EC020


But prices are high.


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Plus good for cottage or as emulator for tv...


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Atari sold more than 20k Mini so can be interesting so more people will be interested in games, apps, demos. Or game author will make some money selling usb with atr, xex. But it needs stereo pokey upgrade maybe in futute vbxe too... If 1% will buy game for 10euro. You will have 2000euro extra or for family. If 1% will start to do coding or graphics or music that will be 200 more people. This is good on A400 mini. It is just arm sbc like raspberry pi.


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It was just showcase that in theory we can have 10euro board (there was esp32 atari emulation https://github.com/rossumur/esp_8_bit) use that board and have Atari emulator on Pico56 or other board
MCUME supports pico mcu too!

Pico56 QBert:

I know lot of friends (non atari) who had Atari as little kids or in school (in Czechoslovakia). They will not but Atari from allegro, ebay, aukro they will not install emulator. But they will play games on 10-30euro board or remake etc... Lot of people. This can be interesting. Maybe A65 board :). (Atari joysticks, atari emulator) also that board is interesting for demoscene. There are demos for virtual Pico-8 so why not.


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There is also Pico56(rpi pico) and HBC56(real IC chips):



65C02 CPU
65C22 VIA
TMS9918A VDP (Sega SMS/MSX1)
Dual AY-3-8910 PSGs (as YM in Atari ST)
Dual NES controller inputs
PS/2 keyboard input
96KB Banked RAM/ROM

Pico56 is very cheap!


https://www.pcbway.com/project/sharepro … c59b8.html

There are paint/sprite editors for msx1(write me pm) also arkostracker2 for ay music...

Can imagine have new Atari Games like Laura, Crownland etc...

Or we can be inspired to hack RP2040 mod firmware using same HW:

- atari xe/xl graphics
- 2x pokey
- altirra basic/os

How it looks:

Lopez will send money after xmas I am in mountains on holidays no internet :). But 100% want!

Wrote PM my city address! PayPal is best.


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Bardzo ładne - very nice! After Xmas taking 1x or 2x (we write on fb).
Need for STE bought and came my case is like puzzle. Also post that LED.


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OK thanks!

I want buy it! Still for sale? Declaring interest!


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Racing game by LowFuel:

DogWalk by Nooly:
https://forums.atariage.com/topic/29540 … -dog-walk/


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T0ri after Xmas in 2024 in spring or summer is possible to buy 1x or 2x Nomari? (one for backup) Not now latter. For playing sids. Will send money first.


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T0ri after Xmas in 2024 in spring or summer is possible to buy 2x Nomari? Not now latter. For playing sids. Will send money first.


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Hello my friend DoDo made almost 5 years ago Quad Pokey board upgrade.
For real Pokey chips exactly like Stereo but Quad (16channels) as it was in Atari Arcade.
He never finished it(I dont know if). He moved to another city lot of work in new job etc.
Maybe T0ri, X-Angel or Candle, Lotharek can finish it.
VinsCool told me He is working on 16channel RMT (also 16bit 8ch or 12ch in 8/16bit mode).
So there will be possibility to replay on PokeyMAX QUAD or on this board.

For fans of real chips, for Atari community (backup) here is first version gerbers:

When anybody will make new version from this please include (original design by DoDo).

Its all I have.


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Welcome Cyprian!


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I have made discord for all new soundcards(sid, ay, opl, nomari, saa, covox, pokeymax...) for A800. To have one place for talk, showing music etc. We have lot of soundcards more like MSX so I want support them.



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Now it runs Apple2 games using real 6502 and bulgarian Pravetz Rom, graphics, sound, i/o emulated on rp2040:




Oric Atmos Emulation:


Eshop 30Euro beta version for developers:
https://www.olimex.com/Products/Retro-C … e-hardware

(No uext/gpio etc)


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In few days there will be production version.

Some news:

Graphics test demo:

My idea is to have 30euro turbocard + 10euro cpu adapter for XE/XL also plus rp2040
for FPU(emulated something as 68882 or amd, weitek) for example or as 320x200x16 from 512, 640x200x4, 640x400x2 graphics card for example or bios firmware...
Somthing similar idea to PiStorm on Amiga but real cpu.


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Why RP2040 is powerfull:
133 MHz dual ARM Cortex-M0+ cores (can be overclocked to over 400 MHz[9])Each core has an integer divider peripheral, and two interpolators.264 KB SRAM

So it can emulate some Atari chips like Pokey.
And with 8mhz (to 14mhz) 6502 cpu, 320x240x 256colors will be fun.
Price will be good like 50euro.
And via some conversion board can be used as usb, second cpu, gfx, audio, flash eeprom board...


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So Olimex has made first prototype.

The board size is only 80×55 mm but do not be fooled this is complete 6502 computer with:
- wdc w65c02 14mhz!!! cpu
- HDMI output
- USB host for keyboard
- Audio output on 3.5mm jack
- Small speaker
- UEXT connector with +3.3V, GND, I2C, SPI, UART6502 BUS 40 pin connector with all 6502 signals on it!
- RP2040 with 2MB Flash to handle all software defined peripherals and RAM


Here is blog:
https://olimex.wordpress.com/2023/06/23 … -for-test/

Facebook Group:

If You are 6502 or RP2040 coder You can help with development and get board sooner.

I can imagine play some Atari game conversions on it. Or plug it into cartridge port and use it as turbocard / gpu...


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Hello friends.

There is nice Raspberry PiPico (RP2040) project emulation of Atari XEP graphics card.

https://github.com/maaakit/PicoDVI/tree … /xep80/doc


https://forums.atariage.com/topic/35045 … y-pi-pico/



More XEP stuff:

It is not so powerful and fast as VBXE but can do 640x200.
Chip in original XEP80 was NS405(can do even 640x400 and colors but Atari dont used full features probably of IC cost).

This Pico version is like 20euro cost. VBXE will be always best for demos/games/apps but can be alternative for coders, working in DOS, text editors, text games, it can do 640x200 2 colors graphics too. Possible RPI Pico firmware upgrade in future to higher resolutions (640x480 or 800x600 and colors). For someone also plus/good will be no need internal installation as You just plug into joy port 2. So You keep Atari in collection as it is. Or use it with FujiNet as terminal. Or game will use second display for map and items and text while on original Atari will be sprites for example game as Zelda or Monkey Island. Or music tracker pattern editor on XEP80 and instrument editor on original or disk i/o or tracklist etc. There is lot of future possibilities.

Just little news :).


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@all - will create ASMA like archive but with opl3 fm (rad) on my atari.fun site. Will write soon more. AFMMA - ATARI FM MUSIC ARCHIVE


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@Mono can You please add joystick fire as play/stop button. Everytime I press fire will play from start. Want record to pc and joystick fire will be good as joystick have long cable and you work on PC in software during recording. Thank You!


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I know but after Brexit guys from Exxos dont want send me TF536 ST version. Lot of paperwork and taxes.
Who is producing them in Poland? Or any scener who will go from UK to Poland during holidays?
Want try it with ST Atx.