Temat: Modifying Sirius Software - Capture the Flag for #FujiNet

it occurs to me that it should be possible to modify this game for fujinet:

http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-40 … g_888.html

There is a file version in the homesoft collection that could be used as a starting point.

Basically it would need four things:

(0) a screen to connect to host or listen on port 6502.

(1) send the maze data from player 1 to player 2 (no translation or anything needed, just SIO WRITE the buffer, the other side just SIO READs it into the same place.)

(2) only send joystick changes

(3) automatically select 2 player, and have player 1 select invader or defender.

If I'm right, the result should be highly playable. smile


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