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Cześć. Chcialem przedstawić wam mój nowy projekt. Tym razem na komputery PC. Mam nadzieje ze sie wam spodoba.
Udanej gry.

https://sites.google.com/view/samurai-c … 2%C3%B3wna

PC Game: Samurai Commando. (alpha version)


|This game is free software so it means you can copy it and play it like freeware software.|

Game: Samurai Commando (alpha version)

I hope you will enjoy it.

Date: 2023-12-05

Game size is only: 832 KB in zip file

To run game execute file: Samurai_Commando.exe

System Requirements: Game for working needs computer with Windows operating system and installed JRE Java Runtime Enviroment.

Game controls: W,S,A,D keys for walking E key for shooting and mouse for head movement

Programming, story, animations, camera movement, level design, Ai fighting algorithm is all made by me: Mateusz Pawlowski.

Few words about Samurai Commando:

I started this project as 3d object viewer of old format .obj 3d Studio files.

After I test this viewer I was very impressed how it works so I decided to make something more and I try to load some doom quake and tomb raider levels.

When I did it I realized that my small program grows bigger and start looking like 3d engine so I decided to make my own 3d software renderer. And I make 3d game using my own engine. In fact I make all 3d engine without using opengl or directx. Just simple math vector and algebra calculations. Rotating and transforming vertex in 3d space and then make triangles from them and draw it on screen using flat colouring without textures. Everything was programmed using Java object programming language. Maybe in future I rewrite this program for C++ to make it works faster. Anyway it works pretty weel in Java.

Games that inspire me to make my own 3d renderer engine without opengl and directx:

LHX Chopper simulator
Virtua Racing
Virtua Cop 1,2
Virtua Fighter 1
Tomb Raider 1
Quake 1,2

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Odp: Kilka moich gier :D (nie-Atari)

Samurai Commando (alpha version).

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Odp: Kilka moich gier :D (nie-Atari)

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