Temat: Eastern Atari Demoparty

Hi all,

after a few comments about this topic at dhs.nu it seems discussion went nowhere again. Nobody from Germany, France, Netherlands, ... seems to be interested in organisation of Atari eastern demoparty but since WE WANT SOME ONE, here's our offer:

We're able to organize traditional Atari eastern demoparty, this time in Slovakia, for all Atari machines (from 8bit to Falcon)

We're able to provide:
- party place for 50-150 ppl (sleeping room + simple kitchen inclusive)
- technical stuff (beamer(s), professional audio aparature, ethernet switches, internet connectivity ...)
- social facilities (showers, WCs - for men and women)
- ofcourse classic things like pizza delivery service, hyper/super markets near the party place, optional breakfast menu for a little money etc...
- in case of "good" amount of visitors we can offer some "extras" like room for movies watching or some trip (Kosice city, some castle, ...)
- some funny competitions and surprises
- cheap beer and beautiful girls ;-)
- all in all, we're open to ANY your ideas/opinions - just let us know, we can provide nearly anything ;)

Since we want to organise DEMO party, there will be some prizes. We are able to invest around 2500 Euros for prizes (hardware-like mainly: LCDs, DVD writers, HDDs, USB keys, ...) and organisation (party place etc)

The place to be is Kosice (Slovakia - NOT Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland and so on ;). It's the second biggest city in Slovakia, located at the east of our country. There is a train/car/plane connection.

Party entrance will be MAX 15 Euros for four days (from friday/thursday afternoon to monday). That reminds me - in Slovakia is everything MUCH cheaper than in western coutries - you'll be kindly surprised (but yes, we're in EU ;)

We expect from you:
- at least 50 visitors (with own machines welcomed)
- decent entries in all common competitions (there will be for sure music/gfx/demo/intro for 8bit, ST, Falcon - more on this later)
- definite promise (remember this year's outline - online pool and reality was pretty big difference)

We're looking for your reactions/opinions...

Xi/Satantronic, MiKRO/Mystic Bytes and whole Slovakian Atari staff.

P.S. There will be probably some www about this topic (online pre-registration, more details etc) - but we need your lifesign!
P.P.S. We mean this really seriously. We've got promised sponsorship for prizes and party place so money isn't the _main_ issue. The main issue is your interest.
P.P.S. For some personal stuff you can write Xi/Satantronic: xi@napri.sk

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Odp: Eastern Atari Demoparty

Pretty cool idea, direct trains from Krakow and Warsaw.


Odp: Eastern Atari Demoparty

I'm of course interested, but my presence depends on cash resources.


Odp: Eastern Atari Demoparty

Mowi, ze tam jest tanio a 15 eurasow chce za wjazd...


Odp: Eastern Atari Demoparty

I'll try to be...


Odp: Eastern Atari Demoparty

...ja zrobię wszystko aby być na tej bibie... ale zaskoczyło mnie, że wielu z Was zmieniło zdanie - kiedyś już proponowałem SV w okresie Świąt Wielkanocnych (wzorem z roq 2000), ale pisaliście, że to głupi pomysł... hmmm.

Bo ta imprezka będzie NA PEWNO w Święta Wielkanocne jakby ktoś nie wiedział...

Silly Venture - breaking the ATARI scene since 2000 ! :)

Odp: Eastern Atari Demoparty

Hmm, a tego tam nie wyczytalem...


Odp: Eastern Atari Demoparty

W takim razie:  Easter or Eastern?


Odp: Eastern Atari Demoparty

BOTH words ;)


"nie będzie ubytkuff w tym roq, nie ma bata..." roxxxor, Mikey :)

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Silly Venture - breaking the ATARI scene since 2000 ! :)


Odp: Eastern Atari Demoparty

Hmm. No wlasnie. Co mi tu kolega insynuuje? Jaka Wielkanoc. Ja nic nie widze na ten temat. Konkretnie, nazwiska!!


Odp: Eastern Atari Demoparty

grey/msb napisał/a:

"nie będzie ubytkuff w tym roq, nie ma bata..." roxxxor, Mikey :)

Ciiicho, to nikt sie nie dowie ;P


Odp: Eastern Atari Demoparty

bede chial tam byc ;)))

Im dłużej czekamy, tym wzorek jest większy" (c) by Sikor


Odp: Eastern Atari Demoparty

...aby rozwiać wątpliwości... http://www.atari.sk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=124


Silly Venture - breaking the ATARI scene since 2000 ! :)


Odp: Eastern Atari Demoparty


so, some remarks:

- it´s of course easter party, but eastern too :)

- 15 euros: but it´s for 4 days... but let´s go at quast, there could be some surprise from us in this way.. :)

- and since i´m lazy to copy and paste all this stuff two times, let´s look at dhs.nu, demoscene bbs, there´s a discussion about this party..

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e-mail: xi@napri.sk