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No tak, piszę, że czarny ekran mam na wyjściu composite / svideo - nie na dvi :)

Utterly bizarre. Quite the opposite to what I expected, in fact. Perhaps Simius needs to be involved in the investigation.


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Check the legacy video to see if it actually made it into the BIOS menu. I've seen strange black-screens on the DVI output from time to time and would like to investigate it further.


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SDX on the SIDE3 cart serves no purpose whatsoever when U1MB is present and the PBI HDD is enabled. The purpose of this config is to use the cartridge solely for mass storage and cartridge loading. The exact same version of SDX is right on the U1MB and you should use this one. The SIDE2/SIDE3 driver cannot process CONFIG.SYS, because the default CONFIG.SYS (on the CAR: device of the cart's SDX ROM) installs the driver which allows access to the HDD.

The MERGE command (as described above) is a good workaround for CONFIG.SYS amendments, but as said: you need not worry about this on an U1MB machine.


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Auto-translation certainly makes your post appear semi-literate, but since I do not speak Polish, I cannot say if this is down to the failings of the translator, of it is simply a faithful representation of the character of the original writings.

I think I bet on the latter ;-)

I see: 'Muh... AVG... muh... XEP80... blah-blah... system graphics routines'.


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How can I 'troll' people by attempting to deflect irrelavant discussions in my own thread? I don't give a f**k whether people use XBIOS for their games or not, but it would be helpful if the author would include a caveat for 'Clueless users' (© Rensoup) pointing out that the software will not work with ubiquitous storage solutions. This way, I would never even have to comment on the matter again.


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zbyti napisał/a:

Faktycznie, wygląda to bardziej na sprawę osobistą niż techniczną.

I don't know the guy from Adam, but I create one thread a year and he was shitting all over it. I'm sure he's a lovely person but he decided to whine loudly about off-topic things.


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alex napisał/a:

Hmmm... How about product description?
"HDD emulation with U1MB    - yes"
"SIDE2 emulation (compatible with U1MB and SpartaDOS X)"
(source - https://avgcart.tmp.sk/)

Yeah? And? Try mounting a cartridge from the SIDE2 loader in SIDE2 emulation mode with AVG. Or try using the U1MB PBI HDD after mounting a cartridge using the AVG menu. Not possible. SIDE3 with U1MB allows cart emulation, hard disk partitions and ATRs all working at the same time, all selectable from the same loader.


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perinoid napisał/a:

Robiłem mało miarodajny test i wyszło mi, że Side3 jest ciut wolniejszy jeśli chodzi o pracę jako dysk twardy (pod SDX). Ale karty są inne, dlatego test traktuję jako nie do końca miarodajny.

There is a lot of variation in speed when it comes to SD cards, and this must be down to access times. The Sony 8GB card I used a lot during development was a lot slower than - for example - a 32GB SanDisk card I tried later on during testing. The SanDisk could manage 64KB/s reads in RWTEST and 55KB/s writes no problem at all, which matches typical CF card speeds with SIDE2. YMMV.

alex napisał/a:

Rysiu, ja też bym brał AVG Cart. Lepszy i tańszy :)

AVG may have the edge as a stand-alone cart if you want ATR support and wire up the built-in SIO device. But if you're an U1MB owner (as Ryszard appears to be), you will miss out, because AVG cannot emulate SIDE2 and run carts at the same time. SIDE3 allows cart emulation, HDD partitions, and ATR mounting all in one device with U1MB, all from the same loader menu. OSS Action! with hard disk partitions and bootable ATRs? No problem. Sure: AVG is cheaper and the SIO emulation is pretty killer if you want to move the cart from one machine to another, but for those already invested in U1MB or thinking of purchasing U1MB, SIDE3 is a more integrated solution.


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UnDead napisał/a:

@perinoid z tego co widzę, owszem, ma - w przypadku wsparcia dla ATR, bo to cudo wkopiowuje sobie po prostu obraz ATR do swojego RAMu i dalej działa jak kart... Oczywiście nie analizowałem samego kodu i nie mam zielonego pojęcia, dlaczego (skoro ma 2MB SRAM na pokładzie) może wczytać tylko 180K ATR-a itd. Wydaje mi się, że są tu osoby z o wiele większą wiedzą na ten temat...

The reason disk images are limited to 180K without U1MB support is that I just decided to chop the available SRAM into four (minus the overhead for 1MB cart emulation plus what the loader needs for directory storage) and allocate the same fixed 180K to each disk image. If there is no need for four images (perhaps two would suffice), the supported size could be doubled. Or I could implement a more sophisticated memory allocation scheme if there is actually any call for it, and it justifies the amount of effort involved. I ported the complete SIO mounting API from the U1MB PBI BIOS to the SIDE3 loader in order to minimise complexity (the loader 'thinks' it is calling the SIO with the same parameters as it would use when interfacing with U1MB).


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There's nothing to see. It's external in the sense it's not installed in any computer. :) It was funnier in the pub.


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mono napisał/a:

Szkoda, że z VBXE tak się nie da :/ Albo z Rapidusem.

I already have an external Rapidus here. Standard version, but left in the drawer.


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SIDE3 loader already has malware detection which no-one commented on, which suggests no-one even tried to run the malicious software in the first place. LOL.


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_tzok_ napisał/a:

The key may be the difference in the reset circuitry in the XL and in the XE. In the XL the reset pulse is active as long, as you keep the Reset button pressed (it has some debouncing, but is prone to produce a pack of spikes on the reset line). In the XE pressing a Reset button, produces a single reset pulse of a constant duration (no matter how long you press the Reset button).

Yes: this was found to be a problem with U1MB too on some 1200XLs, but the solution (a cap on RST) did not alleviate the Rapidus issue. It seems highly likely that the problem is somehow reset-related, of course.

perinoid napisał/a:

And I have it installed in an XE, not in an XL machine.

Yes: I was initially reminded that the device was intended for XE machines, but then an adapter was produced for XLs. Go figure. It's 100 per cent likely that the thing was tested in XEs during development (albeit not with U1MB).


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kkrys napisał/a:

Z tego co widziałem na Youtube to jest firmware 3.14 z obsługą Zośki.
Na oficjalnej stronie producenta nie wiem dlaczego jeszcze nie ma tego oprogramowania.
Może ktoś ma - niech się podzieli.

Dla PokeyMaxa:
Proszę zerknąć w okolicach minuty: 38:36

Dla Sophia2:
minuta 6:39  oraz  8:09

The reason none of this is available yet is since both plugins require changes to the base firmware, and since the firmware targets several different platforms, the changes take time. Incognito is also getting plugins now (thus PokeyMAX and Sophia2 support, etc, but a CPLD update is needed), so I have my plate full coding this up without causing breakages. I'm about half way done now, and I have a machine sitting on the desk whose owner wants the plugins pre-installed on before it's returned, so believe me, I am as keen to see this completed as you are.


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Oh yeah: look at the flawless 65C816 mode operation here:




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krap napisał/a:

Rapidus dziala bardzo stabilnie z Ultimate, pod warunkiem ze nie jest to Ultimate z softem FJC.

Misleading. The the problems I observe are wholly reproducible with Candle's original firmware, and updating changes nothing, except revealing the fact that the VBXE core version is sometimes unreadable when Rapidus is present.


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Pin napisał/a:

Spokojnie, epidemia się rozkręca. Uwierzysz w jej istnienie już niebawem. Jak większość niedowiarków ;)

Here in the UK they always say (from behind masks) 'just wait 2 weeks'. Still waiting since April. :)


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Hmmm. Like the UK. The Public Health Act dates from 1984 (LOL), and is only now being used by the government to completely destroy the country.


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Is this stuff true?

https://twitter.com/CatrionaColllns/sta … 9611703297


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Jacques napisał/a:

Nie ma tu większego trolla niż Ty, mistrzu wsadzania kija w mrowisko, konfabulacji i uciekania od dyskusji szyderstwami z braku argumentów ;)
fjc niezorientowany - też dobre.
Medialność gry zweryfikuje sprzedaż.

Ad hominem insults are always the first resort of someone with no real arguments. Generally they expose their own character via their behaviour without any help from anyone else. :)


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_tzok_ napisał/a:

I've been confronted on the Forum with Lotharek and Candle and I found them reacting quite aggressively to any criticism of their products, and acting like they were the smartest and greatest people on the World, and everyone should love and adore them, and be thankful for their products.

No lies detected there. :D

flashjazzcat napisał/a:

This is called purism, I understand and respect that. This is retro stuff. The hardware is what it was back in the '80s. We can, and should, explore its abilities in software, but keep the hardware in its original form. If you like 16-bit CPUs, go for Atari ST or Amiga, or even RAPIDUS, but don't call RAPIDUS an Atari XE. It has nothing to do with Atari XE, except it uses its case, keyboard, and a (modified) system software. It can do things that real XE system could never do. It is really great, but it is no longer an Atari XE.

Yeah - I understand purism, but it's a perilous path. One would have to reject most of what's offered by a device like PokeyMAX as well, and I don't necessarily see such levels of ethical consistency.


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perinoid napisał/a:

I agree, that patching all U1MBs in the World is not possible. But, at the same time, it should be not that difficult to fix the firmware (if that's really a bug, which I have no idea about) and sell new cards already patched. This would make everyone happy - if there's a bug in fw, XXL should feel satisfied andpeople whould have rights to insist on patching his games to work on older, unpatched U1MBs.

I think Candle acknowledged the 'behaviour' of the hardware. You'll have to ask him why he didn't fix it in new devices. Wild guess? XXL's attitude has been so fucking obnoxious that the chance for a fix has been blown.

_tzok_ napisał/a:

Life is not simple... first step is to admit, that there is a bug.

Already done, AFAIK, by Candle. XXL admits no issue, however, with his own stuff, so has not even broached that first step.

So do you prefer simple, or fair solutions?

If you think it's fair to deliberately exploit a quirk of U1MB for no practical reason other than to make your software crash on the machine, I don't know what to say. I simply do not know what point is being made here, other than an ideological objection to a certain vendor or designer.

I have no doubts that, as the bug is known, it should be corrected. I'm aware that manufacturer/distributor may be afraid to admit, that there is a bug, because it could mean, that he had to correct it on his cost (at least for units, which are still within the warranty period) - by replacing or reprogramming the units.

Certainly I can't understand why one would not fix a bug unless the well had already been poisoned by politics, which I think is what happened here.

XXL seems to be a little too proud to give up, but so do the U1MB developers.

Note that the U1MB CPLD side of things has nothing to do with me. I consider exploitation of the issue to be incredibly childish, however.

I'm pretty sure, if the U1MB developers would publicly acknowledge that there is a bug in the U1MB, relesed a patched/corrected firmware, and started selling units with this new firmware, XXL would release a patch for his software to work with a stock/not pached U1MB. The war would be over.

Possible. All I know of XXL's personality is what he projects on forums. In my experience, anyone who will go to these lengths will be hard to appease. It is not without precedent, either. He advocates illegal OS entry points, seems to consider 'NEWDEV' an aftermarket invention, and has an ethical objection to 16-bit CPUs. I would personally not be prepared to pander to someone with such complex needs. :)


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_tzok_ napisał/a:

Don't you think, that both sides of the conflict are equally stubborn (you will probably deny, because you are one of the sides)? I don't think XXL even cares about correcting the bug, he just wants U1MB developers to admit, that it is a bug. You say "not worth bothering for one piece of software", so I bet he will release more software, which deliberately won't work with U1MB... just for his satisfaction, and to eradicate the argument about "one piece of software".

Simple question for you: which is easier? Distributing a JED file and asking every U1MB owner to purchase a Xilinx platform cable, download the Lab Tools software, make a suitable patch cable for the 2mm JTAG header, and flash the CPLD of their U1MB, or XXL changing his damn game?

I'm afraid I consider it a dick move to advocate the former solution when distributing actively maintained software. Not that XXL would say he advocates either solution, since it's clear to me that he is NOT LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION. He enjoys the problem too much.


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perf napisał/a:

Offtopic.  Ten błąd w U1Mb tkwi w firmware czy źle zaprojektowanej płytce ?  Bo niezrozumiałe dla mnie jest to też, że nie poprawiono tego. Wymaga zbyt dużego nakładu pracy ?

Not worth bothering with for the sake of one piece of software which only has an issue because of a pointless contrivance.


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Amazing quality!